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Ladies dating hotline

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Vision Statement Wo Man to Woman centers on relationships between women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend.Emphasis is also placed on wholesome interaction with the significant male counterparts in our lives.

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It is a vision of unity where the prevailing countenance of feminine grace exudes a gentleness that is heralded as strength; where peace insists on reigning; a kind word is freely passed around; and love is expected to stretch to great lengths.With a doctrinally sound and programmatic approach to ministry, Wo Man to Woman seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may reach the point of her abundance.Every woman who is a member of The Potter’s House is automatically a member of Wo Man to Woman.It is strategically designed to touch, empower, include, involve, and encircle every woman of The Potter’s House.Since Wo Man to Woman’s inception, First Lady Serita Jakes’ vision for the program has been for the women of The Potter’s House to become one.She participates in Wo Man to Woman by giving back to the church either financially or by volunteering her services in other ministries such as Ushers, Greeters, the Children’s Ministry, or another labor of love within The Potter’s House.

Wo Man to Woman offers quarterly forums where First Lady Jakes hosts prayer gatherings or where she, or other esteemed speakers, address topics such as relationships and health.

One aspect of your life that you have complete control over is how far you want to take it with your romantic partner — whether that’s your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or anyone you’re involved with.

You should never feel forced into anything that you’re not comfortable with or don’t feel like doing.

Weitere Dienstleistungen erbringen die Fachgebiete Arbeitssicherheit, Facility Management, Umweltschutz / Logistik sowie Bautechnik.

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(Psalms133:1) Debutante Program The Debutante Program was born out of the vision of Mrs.