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Orientations are very large and you will likely get the chance to meet 300-500 other teachers during your first 10 days in Korea.Orientation is usually held on a campus at a university, and you will stay in the dorms with a roommate of the same sex (unless you are married).

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Although the benefits packages and contract lengths tend to be similar with public and private schools, there are some key differences you should take into consideration.Apartments will come furnished, and typically with a washing machine, refrigerator, and stovetop.As one of the most wired nations in the world, Korea has Internet access readily available for reasonable rates.You will be provided with a single, furnished, studio apartment.Teachers are responsible for paying for utilities (~$20-60 USD per month).Your co-teacher will assist you with setting this up for your apartment if you would like.

South Korea also has PC bangs (internet cafés) on nearly every corner.

Many teachers like this option as it allows them to save a good amount of money during their year in Korea and are able to travel extensively once they are finished teaching.

The work week for a private school is non-traditional to other teaching jobs, since the students are attending class outside of their normal school schedule.

You should expect to work nights and weekends but you should still expect to have two days off a week.

Greenheart Travel has been sending teachers to South Korea for years and we have supported hundreds of through the complicated application process as well as prepare prepare them for life in Korea prior to departure.

The orientation includes Korean cultural tours, social events, performances, tips for adjusting to life in Korea, guides to effective lesson planning and much more.