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Her oasis is nearly identical to the island where Jade lives.According to her, her hive originated from The Medium.

Kanaya asks to be Rose's friend, believing that they were "supposed to." Rose accepts, albeit in a somewhat confused manner.She also appears to share Jade's gnostic abilities, due to a pre-existing awareness of Skaia.Kanaya and Jade are also both heroes of space, and the assigned frog breeders of their respective session.I have a missive for you from Kor'vas, as well as instructions for getting you there.I can teleport you to them to begin the fight, but you will need some Nethershards to force your way into the Twisting Nether.Kanaya is the Sylph of Space and resided in the Land of Rays and Frogs, home to the Trolls' Forge.

After the trolls settled on an asteroid in the Veil, she used her chainsaw to amputate Tavros Nitram's legs, allowing them to be replaced by functional robot legs created by Equius.

She then quickly realised that she was supposed to hatch the new Mother Grub inside the core of the asteroid.

She tells Jade about her duty to breed frogs and create the Genesis Frog.

She admits that their plan to troll Rose and her friends wasn't thought all the way through, and appears to be getting tips from Rose.

Kanaya lives in an oasis in a desert, beside a volcano and a red Frog Temple.

Her left horn curves into a hook, emulating the tail of her astrological symbol when viewed from the front.