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Interraccial dating and relationship forums

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or say dumbshlt like "I'm glad I didn't buy his album".Media Inquires We have a well equipped team to answer your media inquiries and would be happy to face any interview about the dating industry.Request a Review In case you want us to give a review of a dating site, their product or services, you can contact us through our site’s dating site review request page, and we will be glad to provide the information required by you.There is very much an enforcement of black culture where I grew up. My whole thing is that black women have been so put down whether its due to the oppression of a white government or we [black men] putting our own women down.When dudes say they only gonna focus on white girls, to me, its like a slap in a black girls face. When we lessen our women our conditions seem to worsen". Ya know, I still feel like because Im an artist and I say certain things, I have a responsibility to let people know what I mean. Im working too to be a better guy." WORDS BY ELLE J SMALL Taken from the June Edition of Touch magazine He was calling out so called rastas,which there motto is basically pro-black,so what are rasta's doing with white girls and saying they follow the belief?Whats ironic is when you hear this song on my new album called Real People. I say: "Black men walking with white girls on they arms. And I'm far from racist I see people as blue and green.

Blue is my favorite color and says purity to me and green which is something I put in the air here and there and all cultures do the same..

TOUCH: So you dont agree with mixed race relationships? It was about black people paying homage to their culture, embracing their culture.

So when you embrace your culture and then say, "OK, but Im only gonna date the opposite race", to me thats a little opposite to what youre projecting out through your hair and the way you looking.

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I just feel like, as black men, we do have to be aware that, yo, every time we step out with some woman its setting an example for our daughters and its also representing something for our mothers. Though Rastafarianism is about celebrating who you are and where youre from, isnt it also about loving people regardless of creed or colour?