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I guess, my cock was watching, too, because it was raising its head in my pants. Wilder emptied the baskets in a big bucket on the ground, When she was bending down, I was standing behind her with my hands in my pockets, afraid that I would loose my mind and grab her fascinating butt cheeks. Wilder got some fresh raspberry lemonade out of the fridge, took a glass and put it in front of me.As if I had not noticed her, I turned my shoulder and made another contact with a nipple. She sat down, looked at me and said relatively softly, “Sorry, but Lisa may not come until later.

I took one of the baskets and started plucking the ripe raspberries from the bushes, standing right beside her.Her skin was rather dark, may be one of her grandparents were black.Two features had always called my attention: She had a big bubble butt like some of the black women in the porno movies and unusually full, fleshy lips..It was like an invitation to grab this bubbling meat. ” “I am sorry” I answered, “I was just bringing the draft essay for her as I promised this morning.”Timidly glancing at her, I was amazed to see some very large nipples sticking out from her small breasts under the shirt.I asked “May I help you pick the berries until Lisa comes back?All pants look like very hot pants on her enormous butt, I thought.

When I walked up to her from behind, I noticed that they did not even cover the lower part of the cheeks. ”She turned around and barked “None of your business, boy!

When she was leaning forward, I managed to hit one of her nipples with my elbow, feeling how soft it was despite of its size.

She must not have noticed and turned around to pick up another basket.

Eighteen years old, I had more experience with mature women than with girls of my age.

My official girl friend was sweet Lisa, a class made in high school, who only allowed kissing and petting on hard park benches in the dark.

Her gorgeous mouth was close to my face and I carefully touched it with my cheek, it felt sooo good.