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I'm married to a very successful business man named Jerry, that travels a lot.I'm 36 years old, very petite 5'1” tall weigh only115 pounds.

About an hour into the party the drain in the sink clogged.I said yes, as I stepped forward and felt his cock, but you will have to get cleaned up first.He smiled and said fine, what ever you want is fine with me.I could tell by the big grin on his face that he liked what he saw.A moment later he asked me to hand me a wrench, which I did and he took another look. He crawled out from under the sink and stood in front of me towering over me.On John the material stretched to the limit the left large gaping opening where it pulled away from his body.

I could clearly see an enormous pair of balls created by his huge prick stretching the silk thong beyond its limit They say that opposites attract.

I showed him where the shower was and gave him some seductive men's cologne. I laid out a bright red shirt and a sexy thong that I had bought for Jerry.

As he showered I made some drinks and lit a few candles and put on some romantic music. Finally he knocked and asked if was okay to come out. As he walked toward me I could not believe my eyes. On Jerry it would stretch out but fully contain Jerry's generous prick.

It was not long until my hand wondered in through that gap formed by his cock sticking out.

I fondled his balls and felt the base of his huge penis. Enough of this I thought as I struggled pulled his underwear off that was impaled on his cock.

When my husband is gone for more than a couple of days I'm always on the look out for a new guy to fuck!