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Harmless fun dating

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Something that is unthinkable to an average person has been creeping into the mainstream—you won’t be surprised to see internet forums and hotwifing *hotwifing is another moniker for cuckolding* clubs with members reaching millions, looking for a place to share their experiences and find other men to have a taste of their spouse.

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Some of them even have taken it up a notch to make it into a lifestyle.This fetish requires two people; the sadist brings in the hurt, and the masochist gleefully receives and begs for the pain. Putting cuckolding into comparison, the dynamics of pleasure are somewhat similar.First, you have a guy who’s watching his wife having sex with another man in front of him.[Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you] #7 Cuckolding has an exhibitionist feel to it.While the husband plays the voyeur, the wife plays the exhibitionist.Cuckolding shares the same frequency as voyeurism, as you have a man who does not participate in the sexual activities, but merely watches.

It is like watching porn, but live and featuring your wife as the star.

[Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size? S&M *or sadomasochism* is a classic sexual fetish, where people get pleasure from inflicting and/or receiving pain.

This is the fetish where the whip, furry handcuffs, and verbal abuse are let loose.

Cuckolding is something you tend to hear from the “ye olde English” works of Shakespeare and Chaucer, but what does it really mean?

To be precise, it is the infidelity of a man’s wife.

The wife may just let her husband hear her moans and dirty talk, or she can verbally abuse him by saying that her current partner is way better at sex than her husband.