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With more experts spouting the benefits of full-fat dairy, we're excited to have this option in our breakfast rotation.

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If dairy-free eggnog isn't your thing and you're game for having some healthy(ish) 'nog for breakfast, try the new yogurt for yourself ASAP.

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The Trader Joe's Greek Whole Milk Eggnog Yogurt is in stores now, and it'll inspire you to make the transition from all things pumpkin spice to nutmeg-spiced, eggnog-flavored snacks.

Shared by Instagram account Trader Joe's Gluten Free (which, by the way, is a gold mine), the festive Greek yogurt is gluten-free and made with whole ingredients, like milk, cream, nutmeg, an eggnog base with real sugar and egg yolk, and natural coloring agents like turmeric and annatto.

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