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Greece voice chat sex

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This is my real ANIMAL SEX story as I am my dog’s bitch …This Animal sex story as “How I Became A Bitch, how a man fell into bestiality” was exclusively written for was a 19 year old male and had plenty of interest in women, but something was always missing, it was a drive to be filled up myself.A longing to feel what it was like to have someone inside you, that closeness.

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I always had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Guess it mist have been going into puberty and I was feeling these strange feeling in my tummy.

In any case as I rubbed his tummy I went closer to his sheath, and cupped his balls wile rubbing his cock.

The “Red Bullet” poked out as I peeled back his sheath and dog’s rear legs started to cycle as I jerked his cock.

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