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It happens to be one of my favourite places to hang out. "It is a lovely little lagoon and you can stay there in little shacks. I have a notion that they (foreigners) always find the quiet, peaceful and really beautiful spots to hang out at!"There is a small eating place too, just in case you don't want to stay but just do a day picnic there." Getting there: Walk along Arambol beach (further north along the beach coast) and just around the corner (roughly a 15-minute walk) from the main stretch, you will discover the lake.

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Read on to find out about 10 unusual things (not in any particular order) you should do on your next visit to this sun-kissed state.Scuba divers have access to two of these shipwrecks -- Suzy and Davy Jones Locker -- which are situated near Grande Island.If you're not in the mood to dive into the deep sea, you can always settle for you know that the sea in Goa has plenty of shipwrecks?The mere thought of diving and exploring the wrecks is fascinating.lose to Arambol beach is a tiny bay that's cut off from the main road. It gets its water from the nearby hot water springs. You can cover yourself with mud and get rejuvenated.

There's a giant bodhi tree with huge vines that will protect you from the summer heat. Shruti Inamdar, a lecturer at Mumbai's Elphinstone College, says, "I went there last August.

This surreal and mysterious experience lets you unravel the mysteries of the past where four ships -- including three German ships and an Italian -- blew up and sank into the Goan sea in 1943.

Apart from these four ships, there are also shipwrecks from the Second World War.

ow does an early morning date with the birds sound? Just go on a river cruise down south Goa to the backwaters of the Zuari River.

At the start of your journey, you'll cross forests, fields and villages.

Nature lovers can also take a trip to the Savoi Spice Plantation.