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Funny intimidating sayings

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Tyranny is a habit, it has its own organic life, it develops finally into a disease.

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The three shapeshifters stared at me, openmouthed.“That’s how you intimidate people. Get your asses to the car.” ― Ilona Andrews, “Whoever has experienced the power and the unrestrained ability to humiliate another human being automatically loses his own sensations.Mountains are created to be conquered; adversities are designed to be defeated; problems are sent to be solved.“Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and there’s nothing you can do.The narcissist reconstructs his own law of gravity which states that all things and all creatures must adhere to his personal satisfaction, but when they do not, the pain is far more intense than it is for one who is free from the clamors of 'I'.” ― Criss Jami, “. Moreover, they demand something from themselves early in life that can be taken ever after as a demonstration of this abiding feeling.” ― Norman Maclean, “In the night, I've shrunk and everyone else on the island has grown. But, I'm talking about boundaries and privacy here.They're all nine feet tall and men and I'm four feet and a child. We regard an interest in glory or perfection as a sign of mental unhealthiness, and have decided that high achievers, who are called overachievers, owe their surplus ambition to a defect in mothering (either too little or too much). The only ideals allowed are healthy ones -- those everyone may aspire to, or comfortably imagine oneself possessing.” ― Susan Sontag, tags: achievement, ambition, democracy, egalitarianism, equality, essence, glory, greatness, heroes, ideals, inferiority, intimidation, jealousy, mediocrity, overachievers, perfection, pettiness, success “Treating Abuse Today 3(4) pp. As a therapist working with survivors, I have been harassed by people who claim to be affiliated with the false memory movement.In other words, I had the power, but I gave them the title.- Marlo Thomas To be honest, I find going out pretty scary and intimidating.

Got all those people checking you out,with only one purpose: hooking up.

When I visited the campus, I was hiding behind trees, I felt so unworthy.- Claire Danes I missed jazz, kind of.

And by the time I came to it in life,it was too intimidating to enjoy thoroughly.- Warren Zevon The whole concept of negotiating is intimidating to many people.- Leigh Steinberg Get a Funny Quote of the Day each day by email or in your feed reader.

Well, Tommy Lee Jones is a little bit more intimidating. He's from Texas.- Christina Milian The runway symbolizes something in society that's very intimidating to women.- Tyra Banks So you don't have to take us too seriously; I mean,we're already intimidating enough on stage.- Ice TFor some reason, the concept of writing with swing chords was intimidating.- Suzy Bogguss It's always intimidating to meet an icon.- Jennifer O'Neill The mandate you go with is intimidating and also isa source of respect that you gain,because you have come with this mandate from the United Nations.- Lakhdar Brahimi I like the performing part, it gives me a huge rushbut it still makes me nervous.

Being in front of large crowds is intimidating to meand I feel myself withdrawing.- Torrie Wilson The purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas,obscure pure reasoning, and inhibit clarity.

With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!