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She turned over the towel, complete with its DNA evidence. "For someone who isn't as physically and mentally strong as me, I can't imagine them dealing with this. " As the film details, Walker was subsequently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, enduring chemo even while raising five children.She found herself in a domestic violence shelter, trying to obtain housing even while grappling with the emotional trauma she'd experienced.

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Louis High School girls basketball team was charged Thursday with soliciting sex from a female student. It all started when Tanriseven, a computer engineer, moved to St. Louis-based startup Girls Ask, where anonymous users can post questions about their love lives and get opinions from guys (if you're a gal) or from gals (if you're a guy)."When a guy approaches a girl or when a girl approaches a guy, the methods used, the body language, it just wasn't right," Tanriseven says."It hit me that if I wanted to do something, the best way for help to happen is to ask." So Tanriseven created an online space for people to do just that -- ask. Luckily, Tolga Tanriseven offers a solution with his St.

When it comes to hooking up, we've all wished a panel of opposite-sex experts would help translate and explain what the guy or gal we fancy is really thinking.

"The value is that you hear from hundreds of other people who have been there and had that experience." Girls Ask Guys' users may find value in the site's large community, but for Tanriseven, the value lies in the 10 million unique visitors coming to the site each month.

Traffic jumped two months ago when he redesigned Girls Ask Guys to be more smartphone friendly, bringing 60 percent of traffic through mobile devices.

But her cancer is now in remission, and she says she's pulled herself out of the dark place she was in.

(Oh, and her son doesn't have Down syndrome — the cancer led to inaccurate prenatal tests: "He's fine!

Louis was becoming the tech hub it already is now," says Tanriseven, adding that he's found funding, resources and mentorship here for his budding startup.