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She opened the door and looked down through the screening. A big, shaggy German shepherd without any apparent collar or identification was looking up at her with big mournful eyes.His coat was so rough that there was the distinct impression that he had recently been in a fight.

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She kept expecting him to break out of the doldrums at any moment. " came a cross voice from the bathroom, and then her husband was standing in the doorway, fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt, his shock of wavy black hair falling forward over his forehead. Karen was certainly getting to be a beautiful girl.The Family Pet by Author Unknown Chapter 1 The spring sunshine fell warmly through the open window onto the naked torso of the tall full-breasted redhead who was stretching and yawning her voluptuously proportioned breasts as she breathed in deep, and her long red wavy hair spreading out across the pillow like a heavy fan. Georgia Rogers stretched as she awoke, blinking slightly at the fresh morning sunlight.When they had gone to bed the night before she had forgotten that the new daylight saving time would probably mean more sunlight in the morning, and she had left the curtains open.Not that she minded a bit waking up to the refreshing spring sunshine.She was feeling spring all over lately -- particularly up between her firmly curved thighs, and the fact that Howard had been rather preoccupied lately had served as well to keep her natural sexual interests rather highly stirred.The small public park looked typically quiet for this time of morning, where it sat somnolently behind their house. And then came that scratching again, like a cat at the screen door.

It really gave her a start of an almost sensual nature, like someone drawing chalk the wrong way up the blackboard of her spine.

His company had put together a hefty real estate package recently on the west side of the Chicago River only to have it come out in the newspapers that instead of developing the area as they had promised the original owners, the City of Chicago, the land was being re-sold at a tremendous profit to the federal government for an office complex.

Consequently his entire organization seemed currently to be in a constant state of upheaval and anxiety over what new charges would arrive with each new day and -- in particular -- what citizens' lawsuits were in the offing. And her Howard had been one of the original prime movers who had clinched the deal through connections at city hall.

She kept her housecoat carefully closed when she caught sight of the milkman coming around, and then relaxed again.

Really, though, she was the sort of woman who preferred to give her unusually well developed body free rein in its movements.

His hair was very shaggy and dirty and seemed to go in every direction. Wait right there and mama will bring you something." The young wife let the door swing shut behind her and returned to the refrigerator to rummage around for some leftover meat or something.