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The terms and conditions can be relaxed as time goes on and you show the court you are committed to a successful probationary term.But they can also be tightened if the probation officer and/or the courts feel that you need more structure.

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Things like prior convictions and the nature of those prior convictions can elevate the sentence exponentially.We can advice you on what the most likely scenario might be if you are found guilty of the charges you face.Washington divides its crimes into several general categories of misdemeanors and felonies: Misdemeanors: Any offense which is punishable by not more than 90 days in jail and fines of $1,000.They may include random drug testing, treatment or therapy of some kind, employment, community service, or curfews.The terms are customized to fit you and the offense you committed.The officer compiles information from these interviews as well as a multitude of other data about you to present to the court.

Pre-sentence reports typically include such things as: Finally, the pre-sentence report will also include a sentence recommendation from the investigating officer.

While the judge does not have to follow this recommendation, she will give it considerable thought due to the experience of the investigating probation officer.

The pre-sentence report will be used not only to decide how much time in prison might be appropriate but also if you would be a good candidate for community supervision or probation in lieu of prison time.

The judge will typically order one, however, because it allows for a very informed sentencing process.

A probation officer employed by the State of Washington is tasked with completing the investigation that may include interviews of you, your family, employer(s), or any victims.

In most cases the judge will set your sentencing date far enough out to have a pre-sentence investigation completed and for your attorney to prepare.