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She has a dominant presence when she enters a room, all us girls who are into girl-on-girl pleasure ask her regularly to consider sex with us, but up until Saturday, no one had the pleasure until she spent the night with Emma and I.We had a lot of fun with her and she is a great at eating pussy.

We told my aunt that we would try have some fun with her to get her out of her shell again.What happened next is too sick for words – the kinky babe made the dog lay down and started stretching her pussy with her fingers and licking it.The horny dog paid the vicious girl back but licking her pussy clean.A wave of shock and disgust hit me when I saw the animal sex video that I am going to share with you beastiality vid as dog to lick her wet pussy.I saw my own studio, my sultry naked wife masturbating on the floor and my dog approaching her.I’ll make sure not to take so long tomorrow”For the rest of the day we enjoyed each other’s company and spoke for hours.

Jenny promised to take Anne and I horse riding the next day but I could tell she was somewhere else in her mind.

I didn’t know where she went so I decided to catch up on some reading by the pool until she got back.

At about , Jenny returned“Hey Jen, where’d you go for so long? I take a walk every morning and lose track of time.

The next morning I woke up before but Jenny had already eaten breakfast and gone for a walk.

My aunt told me that was the norm for her as she would take an early walk almost every day and only return hours later.

My wife knows it and it makes her mad, but she has to put up with it because I am the bread-maker.