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He was forced to undergo an anal examination, which found no evidence that he engaged in gay sex.Nonetheless, the refugee was sentenced on a slew of charges, including “inciting debauchery” and “solicitation to commit immoral acts in public.” The case comes amid a crackdown on the gay community in Egypt, and also recently on atheists, that has gone hand in hand with a wider campaign against all forms of dissent and diversity in a country gripped by rising nationalism and a militant insurgency.

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(AP/Hassan Ammar, File) A Syrian refugee in Egypt was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison for allegedly soliciting gay sex over the internet, after police set up a sting operation to catch homosexuals online.Afterwards, the assailants threw Rahum's body into the trunk and fled to Ramallah.After Rahum did not return home from school, his family began looking for him, and found out that he did not go to school that day.Mona had been present at the Ramallah lynching, and said she was "excited" by what she saw.Soon after, she began contacting Israelis on the Internet.These three stem from a group of 550 applicants, meanwhile more than 1000 opposite-sex couples have managed to adopt in the past 9 years.

The Murder of Ofir Rahum was a shooting attack which occurred on 17 January 2001, in which Palestinian militants from the Tanzim faction of Fatah killed 16-year-old Israeli high school student Ofir Rahum on the outskirts of Ramallah.

Awana chatted with several Israeli teenagers on chat rooms and engaged in an online romance with Rahum.

In conversations over several months she pressed for a meeting in Jerusalem.

“From now on same-sex families, who deserve the right to adopt like any other family, will have that right.” “We will continue to closely monitor the legislative processes following the petition to ensure that the government follows through on its commitment and soon.” Despite same-sex adoption being legal in Israel since 2008, it has been almost impossible in practice.

This is largely due to opposite-sex couples being given priority, meaning only three same-sex couples have successfully adopted children in Israel.

Society considers the LGBT community sinners and forgoes professionalism to satisfy their urge to punish them,” Hossam charged.