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Though, Sherlock was under the influence of heavy drugs, and had no memory of her at the time.

It is also revealed that the whole ordeal was planned in five minutes conversation with Jim Moriarty.She is referred as the cleverest one among the Holmes, classed as an era-defining genius. She grew up alongside her two brothers in their family home.One day, while playing with Sherlock, Mycroft and Redbeard, Eurus displays signs of loneliness and so decides to kill Redbeard, who is later revealed not to be a dog, but Sherlock's best friend Victor Trevor.Showing more cruelty, she promptly shoots the governors wife with no care whatsoever.Afterwards, because of knowing all about Sherlock's personal life, she lies about having placed bombs in Molly Hooper's flat and then commands Sherlock to get her to make her say that she loved him, without telling her that there was anything urgent going on.The next challenge passes, with Sherlock trying to choose which of three men to die, all the while having to save a girl stuck on a crashing plane.

After being tranquillised and sent to Musgrave, Sherlock has to save the girl on the plane and a slowly drowning John Watson.

She reveals herself to John at the end of "The Lying Detective", when he returns to her seeking therapy, holding him at gun point.

The audience is left hanging after Eurus pulls the trigger on John.

Of all the Holmes siblings, Eurus was the most clever.

Compared to Mycroft who was professionally assessed as 'remarkable', Eurus was 'incandescent'.

(This startled the present day Mycroft, who was seeing this in his own Mind Palace) As a young child, she taught Sherlock the violin, successfully orchestrated the entrapment and drowning of Victor Trevor that went unsolved for decades, utilised ciphers, and was able to manipulate people to the point of enslavement since the age of 5.