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I think I may have a bit of Lewis and Clark in me and I even sometimes daydream about what it would have.....Yes, you can call me a cum slut if you like because that's exactly what I am.I don't see it as a derogatory term in any way, it's simply a very accurate description for women like me who can never get enough cum no matter what.When we checked into our room one of the first things I noticed was that there was an outdoor shower.I immediately thought about how erotic it would be to take a.....As you probably know I currently have quite a few shower photos on my site however it seems that a number of people would like to see even more.

I recently had the perfect opportunity to fulfill some of these requests during a trip to Mexico just last month.

Yes, that means he loves jerking off to women in see-through panties.

Who wouldn’t get off to a sexy little hottie wearing semi-transparent undies?

At night I have dreams about cum, during the day I constantly fantasize about cum, and I'm always thinking about ways to get even.....

For some reason I've been getting a lot of requests for shower pics lately.

I really enjoy sharing all the naughty thoughts that were going through my head while the pics were being taken.