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Forty year old man dating fifty year old woman

— Ninjas are still sexy, despite the internet's best efforts over the past decade. Team's Ninja, however, trumps the average ninja many times over. Ageless, androgynous and electrifying, she keeps the CBGB's ethos alive, even as the club and much of what it stood for have disappeared into the past. There's the tortured pianist/vocalist of her early albums, a rapturous voice belting out narratives as disturbing as they were dreamy. So while her later albums may not be great, they certainly don't contradict that alluring obstinance.There's the methodical craftswoman of recent years. Phair will back us up, too: as she told the Unofficial spokesperson for riot-grrl, leader of Bikini Kill and major player in early-'90s punk activism and third-wave feminism, Kathleen Hanna was our first rock goddess.

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— Oh, the indie kids can't resist Feist's shaggy bangs, voice so smoky it could cure jerky, and the sense that — despite her cutesy-voiced hit "1234," and duets with Sesame Street inhabitants — underneath it all there's a red-hot heart full of dirty secrets from north of the border.Every one of them may have followed The King, but he could never match their swagger.Behold: the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History.We also love her for imparting the soundest, most succinct break-up advice in pop history. It's amused, warm, and wet all at the same time.Her look is unassuming — the sandy hair and easy smile say Sarah Plain and Tall more than vixen — but when she sings barn-burners like "Into the Open" and "Brazen", Wennerstrom demands you get down on your knees.With Miho Hatori, we could have our cake and eat it too — with her sing-song insouciance and deliciously baffling lyrics, Cibo Matto wooed many a mid-'90s record-store clerk. Key tracks are "Huddle Formation" and "Keys to the City". Her profound historical importance to women in rock belies the fact that at fifty, she's still doing her thing and looking staggeringly good to boot.'s sexiness came down to the impression of unhinged capriciousness that Phair gave off throughout.

Makes sense: the surest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and Hatori is one of pop music's tastiest purveyors of ear candy. band's trademark blend of sunny guitars, surf rhythms, and pounding beats would be the limp stuff of Old Navy commercials if not for Ninja's yell-chant marches. — Too often female rock stars get trapped in token-girl routines, relying on outfits and make-up to the point of damaging their cred. If she looks good, she's probably wearing her own clothes. Listening to it, it's hard to imagine taking a five-minute drive with Phair without her pulling over and demanding head or something.

(Frontman fans — stay tuned.) Oh, and a couple of ground rules: one, points for longevity; and two, Madonna is trying too hard.

— What is it that's so sexy about a girl who might kill you in your sleep?

You may also feel a smidge of nostalgia, something Vega herself has little time for; she's consistently followed her muse, not fame. Emerging first from Communist Russia and then from the same lower Manhattan underground that birthed the Moldy Peaches, Spektor saw firsthand both terrifying political oppression and cutesy affectation.

Beauty, brains and a bohemian fearlessness score Vega her place on this list. While her aesthetic is undoubtedly informed more by the latter than the former, Spektor's childhood must've blessed her with both the musical virtuosity that sets her apart from her anti-folk peers and the self-aware dorkiness that is, um, the most charming thing ever.

It might be belaboring the point to say that that's what sexiness is, but hell: that's what sexiness is.