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Female sex roulette

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Humans are just conditioned to associate certain looks like certain genders.

That's part of a way bigger argument for gender equality in entertainment and society at large that's a bit beyond this wiki's scope to fully explore.Alternative words to denote a female Transformer, all used about twice in canon, include: femme-bot, The appearance of female Transformers in most continuities would seem to suggest a level of "sexual" dimorphism is present in at least the more humanoid members of the Transformers species (the term sexual is used in a gender-based, rather than physical sense, see the reproduction link above for that whole kettle of robo-fish).In almost all cases female Transformers are portrayed as comparatively more graceful of form, and more rounded and curved in general, than their male counterparts.In the French dub of The Transformers: The Movie (but not in the TV series), both Starscream and Shrapnel were referred to as female, with Megatron calling Starscream "une imbecile" at one point (French articles are gendered), and Shrapnel referred to as "Mademoiselle".The reason for this gender-switch was never fully explained, though it is possible that Starscream's and Shrapnel's rather high-pitched voices were mistaken for women's voices.No females were explicitly shown to exist among the Decepticon ranks, although the introduction of Nightbird and implications of an eventual upgrade didn't raise any questions or remarks, suggesting that female Decepticons exist (or that the Decepticons royally don't care about a soldier's gender).

27 episodes after Nightbird's appearance, female Transformers were introduced formally through the Female Autobots.

Well, I remember bringing up that question early on with Hasbro, "are any of these female?

" And then I think Hasbro's attitude was, 'this is a boy toy.

In the manga, Decepticon females make their first (yet still to this day very rare) appearance in official fiction as Esmeral (Deszaras's wife) and Lyzack (Leozack's sister).

Both show up to show the Autobots just what it is Deszaras and his crew have been fighting for all this time: their poor families back home.

A female Transformer was created through the introduction of Minerva to the ranks of the Headmaster Juniors.