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Face to face sex cameras

Trail cameras are used primarily by hunters and researchers to study animals and wildlife.

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The figure is rather tall as well, making it extra terrifying thinking about the potential that you could run into this in the woods.Click through to see what else hides in the forests!This image is supposedly proof of the creature known as “The Rake.” This creature is a mythological being that is known to be seen around the New York area.Regardless of what the creature might actually be, it definitely doesn’t look like something we’d want to run into at night.This next slide is guaranteed to keep you up at night…This picture is one of the clearest on the list, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

WE can easily make out from this picture that this is either a creature wearing a nightgown or an old woman walking around outside alone at night in her pajamas.

This image also makes it look more so like it’s wearing a type of clothing as it stretches between leg to leg.

One of the scariest parts is that you can’t really get any sort of facial recognition.

If you’re brave enough, here are 18 of the most chilling things ever caught on a trail camera. At first glance, you might think this is just a normal picture capturing some wildlife, but unfortunately, it is not.

There is something much more frightening that appeared.

It has a fuzzy outline, making it look like a ghostly figure.