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This is because the soil favors paloverde and may even be toxic to ironwoods.Lode mining claim rental payments have been maintained up to the current time.While open pit mining may not be economically feasible, in situ leaching may be quite practical and would have negligible effect on the surface of the land.The monument covers 188,619 acres (294.5 miles) of which 59,922 acres (93.6 miles) are non-federal and include private land holdings and Arizona State School Trust lands. Liberty Star’s East Silverbell Porphyry Copper Project and the West Silverbell Project in the West Silverbell Mountains (which will be addressed by the next discussion release next week) are within the Silverbell Mining District located northwest of Tucson, Arizona within the Ironwood Forest National Monument.The establishment of the monument became official about ten years after the claim block (technically defined by geology, geochemistry and electrical and magnetic geophysics) was registered, and well over 100 years after the Silverbell Mining District was recognized.The East Silverbell Porphyry Copper Project hosts 26 unpatented lode mining claims covering a previously unrecognized porphyry copper center.

Two mining companies had some interest in the area during the late 1990s but relinquished the ground back to JABA Inc despite revealing enriched copper in one hole and substantial amounts of leached capping in all other holes: an indicator for porphyry copper deposits lying below beyond their drill holes 600-foot depth.

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Surrounded by the monument lying on patented land and an active history going back hundreds of years to the Spanish Colonial-and Republic of Mexico period (1528- 1848) is Asarco’s Silverbell Mine, currently operating 4 open pit copper mines.

The Asarco solvent extraction electro winning (SXEW) plant is approximately 4 1/2 miles to the west of Liberty Star’s East Silverbell Project property line.

The establishment of the Ironwood Forest National Monument was probably an unconstitutional “taking “by the federal government, which the Trump administration clearly recognizes.