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Ex christian dating

Trying to figure out why they chose someone else will hurt you.Checking their page to see if they’re miserable shows you’re not healed.

If you are spending all of your time reminiscing over pictures and going down memory lane, your heart will always be in that state of brokenness.My point is, most times relationships end because they weren’t ever in God’s plan to begin with.If you tell me that they are only after sex, in my opinion, God didn’t send them.Meaning, if the king was still alive, maybe he would’ve never noticed how big God really is.It wasn’t until king Uzziah was removed that Isaiah could have this experience.If they only want they can get from you, they don’t love you.

If they’re willing to drop you whenever they’re bored or there is an argument, that was NEVER love to begin with.

Your identity is not in your ex, spouse, degree, etc., it is only found in Jesus. So God protected her from my immaturity, selfishness, etc. She finished school and I ended up joining the military and finishing school here now.

Until you learn to find purpose in Jesus, you’ll continue seeking it from others. I’m currently engaged to be married, all glory to God because she’s pretty amazing, and I tried to pursue her once before around 2011. I wouldn’t say God didn’t open that door so we could get degrees first, but He didn’t let us get what we desired because His plans were better than ours.

Then, just about six months into our relationship, he told me it wasn’t working. I obsessed over what did happen and what could have happened and what would maybe happen someday if he would ever give me another chance.

This, of course, was the last thing I was expecting. I stalked his Facebook profile and spent hours obsessing over who he was with and what he was doing and what he might be thinking, all while lying awake in bed, terribly lonely.

It was a hot day in July when I met Ben—standing outside a coffee shop in northwest Portland where I lived. I was wearing a long, flowing dress that hugged my figure, blue like my eyes.