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However, as with any other tool it can be used constructively or destructively. Alas, categorizing the legality of the easy access to lewd and depraved pornographic sites as an expression of “freedom” is symptomatic of the illogical and unrealistic approach to morality in our culture.

It is for this reason that the Torah, in its great wisdom, circumscribes intergender relationships.The underlying concern is the reluctance to put at risk our moral integrity, or gamble, however improbably, with our spiritual rectitude.It is in the proscription of these behaviors that the Torah informs us of our vulnerabilities.It is only when I bind them to my violin that they are for the first time truly free, not to move in any direction, but free to sing.” A posture of license, of no-holds barred, of unbridled capitulation to desire, obstructs the music of our soul, the better part of ourselves, from emerging.Adopting a disciplined and perhaps restrictive approach to internet viewing, or to any pleasure, may not feel like freedom, but when one has been forced to pay the huge price exacted by a life of unrestricted latitude, the merits of restraint and self control gain new respect.Dear Rebbetzin, To make a long story short, I recently discovered that my husband has been occasionally looking at inappropriate websites. The battle for the soul has never been more fierce.

Dear Reader, Many experts in the field have identified your dilemma as one of epidemic proportions.

A typical reaction of the uninitiated to these restrictions is the often heard comment, “Don’t God and the Torah trust you?

” The response is that the Torah deals with the reality of human nature and the truth of how we are strung together.

It must be underscored that when it comes to sexuality, men – unlike women – are biologically driven creatures.

This uncomfortable fact of life represents a unique challenge for women, who may find it hard to wrap their minds around the realities of the male disposition in this regard.

One of the great Sages of the 20 century commented some 30 years ago that merely walking down the street in America was fraught with more risk to one’s spirituality than a lifetime in Europe of old.