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If your description (or e Bay Design Template) contains Java Script commands .cookie, cookie() or replace(), they will need to be removed.

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These two options are not compatible due to e Bay’s functionality of freight listings.Most good graphic editing programs can do convert between the different color spaces such as GIMP or Photoshop.For more information on the image requirements, check out e Bay’s Photo Requirements to Remember.If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you should also download the latest e Bay categories.If this is an error on the product, please modify the pricing so that the Cost Price is actually lower than the price you’ve assigned in the Listing Rules Template, on the Field Mapping tab.In the Secondary e Bay Category column remove all selections.

To update the e Bay categories on your Neto account please follow the steps in our knowledge base here In your Listing Rules Template, select the Payments & Returns tab and select one of the mandatory Paypal or Visa/Mastercard payment options.

If you’re wanting to advertise this for lower than the cost, you can change an advanced configuration setting called EBAY_COSTCHECK.

You’ll find this in the Setup & Tools The fallback category used in the listing template does not have conditions set. The secondary cause for this issue is because the Ebay Store Category has not been set.

If you want to use a different shipping option, go to the Listing Rules Template linked to that product.

Select the Shipping tab and scroll down to Domestic Shipping. select another shipping option other than Use My e Bay Domestic Rate Table and Save.

In addition, confirm the Listing Rules Template has the Max Qty To List set higher than 0.