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Double your dating advance series

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Plus, this is one of the few times where Mario and Bowser are working on the same team. Current Price: $11-15 This game isn't hard to find, but the market isn't flooded with copies either.

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It's a bit on the short side, taking only 12 hours to beat, but sometimes a focused experience is the best experience.Advance Wars 2 was less of a sequel and more of an expansion pack grafted onto the original game.Like its predecessor, Advance Wars is an excellent strategy game if you're just getting into the genre, but there's still complexity to be found for veteran players.Mario Kart: Super Circuit updates the classic Mario Kart Super Nintendo gameplay with better graphics.Despite the tiny handheld, Super Circuit is blazing fast.Fire Emblem is harder that Advance Wars, especially since the game has perma-death, but it still deserves a place in your collection.

If I had to pick one of the Super Mario Advance games - and I do because they'd take up three perfectly good spots - I'm going to go with the updated to Super Mario Bros. This was the last Super Mario Advance game, drawing from the Super Nintendo-era graphics found in Super Mario All-Stars and adding new voice acting by "It'sa me" himself, Charles Martinet.

Current Price: $350 Since no one bought it then, Ninja Five-O is a hard game to find now. Metroid Fusion was so good that we're still waiting patiently for a new 2D Metroid adventure.

Fusion got its name from the fusion of Samus' Power Suit with the mysterious X Parasite, creating a whole new look for everyone's favorite bounty hunter.

Current Price: $12 Mega Man Zero is one of the first titles on this list that you can find on Amazon Marketplace, meaning you don't have to hunt on Ebay for it.

Alternatively, you can pick up Mega Man Zero Collection for Nintendo DS.

Sacred Stones improves on the previous Fire Emblem for GBA with a world map, making things a bit more freeform than before.