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Warner told Rogers the committee had “facts that there were other individuals” who were aware of his conversation with Trump and that a memo had been prepared “because of concerns” about the call.In one particularly heated exchange, King lambasted the two intelligence officials for not offering a legal basis for refusing to talk about their discussions with the president regarding the Russia investigation.

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Chuck Schumer is just the latest in a long line of Democrats he has endorsed, including Michael Dukakis, Ted Kennedy and Senator D’Amato’s last challenger, Robert Abrams.If someone could help me figure out a way I might do it.” If Baldwin now talks as if acting were a mere detour on the road to his true calling, that’s because he has been steeped in these ideas all his life.Two of the nation’s top intelligence officials declined in a testy hearing Wednesday to discuss the specifics of private conversations with President Trump, refusing to say whether they had been asked to push back against an FBI probe into possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.The men and women that run the world are in their fifties.Sure, he’ll be playing Macbeth at the Public in February, is in a movie co-starring Bruce Willis that’s in the can, is making several more, and may soon team up with his three acting brothers, Billy Daniel, and Stephen, for a Baldwin Western mini-series jamboree.“I don’t believe it’s appropriate for me to address that in a public session,’’ Coats said. Warner (D-Va.) about whether Trump asked Rogers to deny the existence of any evidence showing coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, as The Post reported last month.

“I don’t think this is the appropriate venue to do this in.’’ Similarly, National Security Agency Director Michael S. “I’m not going to discuss the specifics of any conversations with the president of the United States,” Rogers said.

But instead, at 9 P.m., he climbs into Schumer’s car and heads north to Rockland County to meet and greet and pose and speak at another fund-raiser for another Democrat running for county exec.

He peaked in 1989, when he starred as lack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October.

Where do you get the background and experience to be able to ramp up to that kind of thing?

Now, as he steps before the small crowd to speak, he plays the part of the crusading politician seamlessly, with real conviction.

The probe is now being led by Special Counsel Robert S.