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And when the initial shock wore off to the extent he could hear again, he heard the screams and calls for an ambulance.

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The Matsuno brothers had tried cheering up their brother for weeks.Surprisingly, Ichimatsu was the one to open the door.“T-Then, I’ll ask the guys at the shelter”, Ichimatsu suddenly whispered from his seat.He worked at a local shelter for cats, dogs and other domesticated animals.It was a wrestle to get the older brother off the patient.All they could do is wait for the doctor to come tell them how the operation went.We’ll come and watch you play after you’ve healed, okay?

The black cat Jyushi had rescued, Batter, had also reappeared.

At that moment something clicked inside Ichi’s mind.

Looking at Ichimatsu’s reaction, it was going to be pretty gruesome.

He’s way too modest with you.” “All in all, you brothers are a handful” Osomatsu yawned, “We’re getting there though.

” Jyushi had been adamant on doing the paying and Ichi had been more than happy to let him handle it.

I mean you use bats in baseball.” ‘And naming a cat ‘baseball’ is a bit harsh’, he mumbled to himself.