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Twelve states now have laws criminalizing the misrepresentation of a pet as a service animal.

Look, I get the desire to bring your pet along with you everywhere you go../Vendor/MSFT/Policy The root node for the Policy configuration service provider. Policy/Config Node for grouping all policies configured by one source.The configuration source can use this path to set policy values and later query any policy value that it previously set.By using ADMXInstall, you can add ADMX-backed polices for those Win32 or Desktop Bridge apps that have been added between OS releases.ADMX-backed policies are ingested to your device by using the Policy CSP URI: .A new bill introduced to the Senate this summer by Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin threatens to add to the confusion even more.

If it becomes law, you'll be able to take any animal on a plane simply by telling the airline that it's an ESA.

To configure a policy under a specific scope (user vs.

device), please use the following paths: User scope: The following diagram shows the Policy configuration service provider in tree format as used by both Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) and OMA Client Provisioning.

Other policies can be configured at the user level, meaning the policy will only take effect for that user.

The allowed scope of a specific policy is represented below its table of supported Windows editions.

But out of respect for the needs of disabled people, for the incredible work that real service dogs perform, and for the people managing and patronizing these businesses, we will not lie.