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Dating with witchcraft

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These sacred female powers became personified into the figure of a goddess, a deity thought to be the mother of all life. The family line was converted, region by region, from a matrilineal to a patrilineal one.It has been established by scholars that a goddess was probably Europe's primary deity until as recently as three thousand B. This was done because it made sense to the establishment of the time that the wealth amassed by male warriors should be passed on to future warriors: their sons.

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The church henceforth set out to eliminate these belief systems, as they had tried to do to the continental pagan religions who were also matrifocal in origin, and they accused these other religious groups of devil worship.Layered over far older Middle Eastern legends, in which Eve appears before Adam, the newer myth portrays Eve as born from Adam's rib; consequently, she is subject to him. Newer myths may often have been layered over those in which women were exalted.Even more sexist is the idea that because of Eve's surrender to the temptation of the serpent, she is somehow responsible for all evil in the world; that "The pangs of childbirth and the subjection of women to man are among the penalties for. These later versions supported the emerging theory of women as inferior, and as a foul being.For three centuries in Europe, where the witch persecutions began, vast numbers of women were destroyed by the ruthless campaigns of the witch hunters; of the few hundred thousand people executed for witchcraft, 85% were women.Women were accused of practicing witchcraft due primarily to religious, medical, economic, and sexual reasons. A male's ability to hunt was integral to the societal system, but far more important was the power of women to give birth, thereby sustaining the continuity of the tribe.Christ notes that "it is not difficult to see why she [the suspected witch] was persecuted by an insecure and misogynist church that could not tolerate rival power, especially the power of women"(46).

The word pagan comes from the Latin 'paganus,' meaning 'country dweller.' In the rural areas of Europe, folk religion survived, and women were still the primary vessels for this folk knowledge.

Christ notes that: "often portrayed as resulting from peasant hysteria, the witch persecutions were in fact instigated by an educated elite who saw themselves as defenders of canonical tradition" (44). To Contents: All chapters and graphics copyright © 2006 by Salem Tarot, except where work is reproduced with permission.

The most harmful work of propaganda ever directed at women was the Malleus Malificarum, or Witches' Hammer. Our permission is required to reproduce any portion of this site.

Myths were written and rewritten to explain women's basic nature as inherently evil. Similarly, in Greek mythology, the blame was placed on Pandora, the beautiful woman who released all evil into the world from a jar.

In the Western civilization this is most explicit in the story of Adam and Eve. According to scholar Richard Cavendish, Pandora's name "may mean 'all-giving' and was perhaps originally a title of the Earth Goddess" (3056).

This book set a standard of misogyny so great that Western civilization is still influenced by its hateful ideas. Everything you see here is protected by both mundane law and law of cause and effect.