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Participation in activities that create an unfavorable impression of amateur radio with government authorities.

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Fearing her descent into depression, her parents take her to France, where their amorous marriage and the romance of the continent depress Tracey further.Rather, they are the distinct geographic and political entities which DXers seek to contact. The List remains unchanged until an entity no longer satisfies the criteria under which it was added, at which time it is moved to the Deleted List.Individual achievement is measured by working and confirming the various entities comprising the DXCC List. Thus, Response to audit requests to DXCC applicants are required." Tracey's dad asked once the three of them had entered the gates of Chenonceau, and, as in a touristic Lothlorien, the trees on either side had enclosed them in an arch of perfect green."Knock yourselves out," said Tracey.Now that they were in France, she'd let her parents bend the rules, at least on this point.He presented the solution that has worked successfully for succeeding generations of DXers.

In De Soto's words, "The basic rule is simple and direct: Each discrete geographical or political entity is considered to be a country." This rule has stood the test of time -- from the original list published in 1937, to the ARRL DXCC List of today.

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De Soto's, W1CBD, landmark 1935 QST article, "How to Count Countries Worked, A New DX Scoring System." De Soto's article discussed problems DXers had in determining how to count the DX, or entities, they had worked.

(for both new awards and endorsements) must include sufficient funds to cover the cost of returning all confirmations (QSL cards) via the method selected.

Funds must be in US currency, check or money order payable to the ARRL, or a credit card number with a valid expiration date.

Failure, or refusal, to respond to these requests may result in removal of the credits requested by DXCC and/or removal of the awards pertaining to the audit.