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Kind and bright, self-sufficient and benevolent, the women of Saint Petersburg will warm the cockles of your heart. They live in the second largest city in Russia, which hosts the major cultural events, such as theatre performances, movie marathons, concerts, exhibitions etc.

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And, above all, they both depend on the required preferences of the individual. Petersburg, you choose, first of all, the atmosphere of comfort and coziness, to which you are accustomed to at home. Petersburg for a stay of 2 to 3 days or longer, it may be necessary to acquire a place of temporary residence.In each apartment you will find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.Of course, design quality, the atmosphere and related amenities will vary according to pricing and affordability.Most people tend to believe that if you visit the city of St.Petersburg for a short 2 or 3-day period, that the only suitable option for accommodations are hotels.However, one thing you can always be assured of, when it comes to the apartments offered by the Nevsky Hotels Group, you can always expect the comfort, convenience and warm atmosphere that you are accustomed to in regards to quality of service and support.

Hotels have existed for a very long time, dating back to when people began to travel as they moved from one place to another.

The first question that people ask is - ”Should I book a hotel in advance or just wait until I arrive?

” And the second question is - ”Should I stay in a hotel or rent an apartment?

Here there are two options - a hotel or a private apartment. Petersburg hotels and apartments have their own advantages.

By renting an apartment for a short or long-term stay, you have at your leisure a fully furnished apartment with private facilities and all the necessary amenities. Petersburg is one of the best options for people who come to the city on the Neva River for a short-term visit.

In the modern day, nearly every inhabitant of the CIS knows firsthand about the beauty of St.