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Now consider two derived Gotras which came from the same Gotra, then it might happen that over time people might forget that both these Gotras came from the same root Gotra, and may allow marriages within these Gotras since their names are different!To prevent this, the derived Gotras maintained a list of Pravaras (which were the prominent junctions where the derived Gotras got created), and the additional rule in the Gotra system is that, even if the Bride and Bridegroom belong to different Gotras, they still cannot get married even if just one of their Gotra Pravara matches.

Yes, a Bride and a Bridegroom belonging to the same Gotra are considered to be siblings and hence it is prohibited for them to marry even if they belong to distant families.Every Gotra which is a derived Gotra maintains a list of Pravaras attached to it.This is because, the essence of the Gotra system is finally to prevent marriages within the same Gotra.So the rule of the Gotra system is that the Gotra of men remains the same, while the Gotra of the woman becomes the Gotra of their husband after marriage.Now suppose a person has only daughters and no sons.This makes sense as this prevents marriages between derived Gotras which belong to the same root Gotra.

This reminds me of a similar logic in the modern Object Oriented Programming in Software Systems.

This article is merely an attempt to find the scientific reasoning behind the origins of the ancient Gotra System and in no way endorses its imposition in the modern Hindu society to decide marriages or other things.

In all probabilities, the modern Gotra system is no more relevant, and the best method to verify the genetic feasibility of a marriage, if at all required, would be to avoid cousin marriages (which have been proved to increase the risk of genetic disorders in the off springs) or to do a genetic test of the bride and groom’s DNA for any possible genetic disorders in their off springs.

But again I used to think, what a crap, how can a boy and a girl belonging to two different families who haven’t met for centuries be considered as siblings?

Only until I was able to correlate a puzzle in modern Genetics to the Gotra system.

But the Gotra system does not get automatically passed down from Father to Daughter. Now suppose the Son gets married to a girl whose father belongs to Gotra Kashyapa.