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Using technology and simple imagery, this campaign was able to easily show that love is love and we are all the same despite our genders, races, religions, disabilities or age.

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Typically before they launch a new advertising product they want to make sure ads works well within the platform.The power of programmatic technology is really fascinating for a company like ours, where the calls to action in our ads are not to buy a product, but instead are behavior changes such as "Don't Text and Drive", "Learn the Signs of Autism" or "Adopt a Child from Foster Care".We are very fortunate to have the CEO of Rocket Fuel, George John, and the CEO of Turn, Bill Demas on our Board of Directors.This campaign has been supported by George Takei, Sofia Vergara, Michelle Obama, Deepak Chopra, Sophia Bush, Rosario Dawson, Lance Bass, Mary Lambert and Marlo Thomas.The story has been picked up by 100 news outlets and publications including Good Morning America, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Mashable and CNN.However, with programmatic data, we can reach the right people and impact more lives.

Have you worked with the developer community in any capacity?

Chances are you've come across a public service announcement (PSA) from the Ad Council, such as their recent "Love Has No Labels" campaign that went viral with over 86 million views.

I interviewed Laurie Keith, Director of National Media Accounts at the Ad Council, to shed some light on how technology is used to empower their campaigns.

It's a reminder that behind every PSA that runs, there are people that are impacted.

It's empowering to be part of an organization that's leading the charge on improving lives and making measurable differences in society.

Our Children's Oral Health campaign launched a mobile game app called Toothsavers last year.