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Dating panama prostitutes

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Two nights ago I was robbed by women here in Panama. The effects have been far more devastating than I ever thought they could be.A year ago when I was planning this trip, before I sold everything I owned to start traveling long-term, my good friend, mentor, and experienced traveler Ferenc Ecseki posed a question to me: I told him I was prepared.

I use specialized software programs to create graphics, process high-resolution photos/video, and build websites.The Panamanian police can´t do much about the situation either.I filed a police report with them, but they didn’t seem very optimistic.That´s how I earn a living, and I do it all from my computer. My travel photos and videos have been saved from disaster. Lately the company I buy advertising from, Google Ad Words, has made some changes which have effected part of my business in a pretty negative way.I have been forced to update my websites, or risk my whole business going under.I brought my laptop computer along with me for this purpose. As we were finishing up, the bar/restaurant got really busy as a large group of locals & expats started celebrating someone´s birthday. We watched them scan the bar, pause and whisper to each other when they saw us, and proceed to take seats next to us.

The festive live Cuban music in combination with a venue packed full of beautiful dancing women enticed us to stay and have a couple drinks before we left. Like I always do, I strapped my day-pack to my chair so no one could just grab it and run off. Unfortunately, the reusable zip-ties I normally employ to secure the zippers of my pack had been left at the apartment I was Couchsurfing at. Based on their actions toward us, it was pretty obvious they were prostitutes looking to conduct business with a couple of foreign tourists. After we finally left the bar, I noticed that my day pack felt a bit light. For those of you who don´t know, 100% of my income comes from working with my computer.

Any sales will go directly towards the purchase of a new computer so I´ll be able to continue producing this travel blog.

In the rare case that I exceed that amount, or if the police miraculously happen to recover my computer a few weeks from now, the money will go directly to some local charity projects.

I spent the majority of my time in a Caribbean city called Colon where the majority of the residents have Afro-Caribbean descent.

There isn’t a lot of good information about the City of Colon online, and a lot of it is either outdated or inaccurate.

Now I´m starting to think I answered a little to quickly…