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Dating orrefors glass

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In 1946 Salvadore and his sons Augustine and Vincent founded Ysart Brothers Glass and produced glass wares under the Vasart label. Signature: Unsigned, but I guarantee this to be a Vasart or early Strathearn paperweight from Scotland.

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Often a sulphide will have a silvery appearance due to a thin layer of trapped bubbles between the glass and the sulphide itself. Condition: Very good condition with no chips or cracks or noticeable scratches found on inspection.The finest sulphides are cast in a mold made by a skilled artist. The maker is unknown but I am confident that this was made in the midwest US. This medium to large sized paperweight features five colorful ice-pick flowers over a white chipped glass ground.Very Large Size: Over 3 3/4" diameter by 3 1/2" high. For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: Joe St. The ice-pick flowers are yellow, white, green, pink, and blue. This style of flower is called an ice-pick flower because of the ice-pick like tool used to push each flower down to the ground to form a stem. Clair line (as far as paperweights are concerned) started with John "Pop" St. who worked at the George Mac Beth Glass Works in Elwood from around 1903 to 1938.The birth of Scottish paperweight making is credited to the glass making family of Salvador Ysart, who moved to Crieff, Scotland in 1922.They worked first at John Moncrieff Ltd and made the earliest Scottish paperweights during that period.It is all white with the exception of painted black eyes and a yellow beak. It has been suggested that this paperweight was made either by Leo Hamon (Ohio or West Virginia) or a St. While I don't know the maker, I am confident that it is from the midwest US.

Note: In his Dictionary of Glass Paperweight Signature Canes, Andrew Dohan suggests that the "LH" signature might be Leo Hamon.

The swirls wrap around to the bottom of the paperweight. Peter Mc Dougall started his glassmaking career as an apprentice at Strathearn Glass in Crieff, Scotland back in the 1960s.

It is signed on the bottom with a complex cane made from four separate letter canes forming the signature PMc D. When Perthshire was formed in 1968, he left Strathearn to move to Perthshire and worked there in many positions, eventually becoming Manager and Chief Glassmaker.

Peter Mc Dougall (PMc D) Medium Clichy Style Swirl with Flower Paperweight. This paperweight features a large blue flower in the center of a Clichy style swirl paperweight.

The flower has five striped petals with a nice white millefiori center. Please ignore the white areas, they are glare from the lights.

Perthshire Paperweights closed early in 2002 after the death of the owner Neil Drysdale. Condition: Outstanding condition with no scratches, chips or cracks. The signature is small and some people may have difficulty reading the signature on these weights. For extra pictures, click on the picture at the right and the following links: Magnum Victorian Sulphide Paperweight of two Hands Shaking (unknown maker). This large paperweight features a sulphide of a two hands shaking.