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Dating iq test

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The reason for their hostility is simple: it's been hard for them to get dates, and even when they have it's apparent within the first few minutes of a date whether there is a foreseeable romantic future with their chosen parter.Nikki sarcastically suggests that they try speed dating to remedy this, and her friends (much to her surprise) think it a great idea.

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When Jen is unable to choose between methods but favors Jonesy's due to it sounding like less work, Jonesy makes a proposition to Caitlin where the speed-dating session will serve as a face-off between their two methods, with Caitlin using the Caitlin method and Jen using the Jonesy method.This leads to Caitlin and Jonesy getting into a competition about whose method of attracting a mate is better, Wyatt going out with the new barista at Grind Me, and Jude hooking up with Starr again.Jonesy and Nikki are acting cutesy towards each other when their friends interrupt, disgusted by the show of affection.Wyatt only got one person to pick him back; luckily for him, it was Cathleen, the barista.Jen and Caitlin cleaned up, though, and even got their top picks (one of a pair of twins from earlier).Things don't go well at first, with Jen making herself look like a jerk, Jude swallowing a fly, Caitlin having a conversation with a strange taxidermist, and Wyatt breaking a string on his guitar when he tries to sing and play.

Soon things take a turn for the better for Wyatt, as he meets a barista from Grind Me; unfortunately, things don't go so well for Jude, who meets Starr–who has become a nerd instead of a goth.

Nikki tries to stop the idea's momentum, as she knows she'll be blamed when it all goes wrong, but her boyfriend stays her hand; as it turns out, he needs a new job, and a speed-dating event might be just the ticket.

Soon, the event is set up, with Jonesy charging ten dollars per head.

While the mention of this sets off a neurosis in Wyatt's mind, Jonesy has no time to attend to his friend, as he and Nikki explain the setup of the speed dating event.

With the basic rules in place, dating starts in earnest, and soon all four single members of the group are engaged in getting to know others.

Because this technically means a draw between Caitlin and Jonesy's methods, a tiebreaker is proposed: Jen and Caitlin will go on a date with their top picks to figure out whose method works better.