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Dating investment banker blog

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(And guys, if my description doesn't fit your dating style, don't feel like I'm dissing you personally.

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After a week of never ending phone calls and back and forth discussion, H is staying in investment banking.We used to have a lot of problems when we shared the same space for an extended period of time. I found it very frustrating because he always needed/wanted my help in every single step."S help me cut this, S we need to do that, S come with me over there, S this S that." It used to get on my nerves so much. We've figured out the other's pet peeves and learned to support each other through them.If you haven't read Bankerella's posts, go through each and every one of them now, they're fantastic. One thing a banker girl (or any 20-something single chick working 80 hours a week in a stressful environment) needs is the ability to occasionally have some fun with with very little advance notice and with no strings attached.(Sure, the perfect girl is a bastion of sexual morality and never dates anyone casually, but that's just not relevant here.) So as a banker chick, you need to get maximum hedonic return on the few hours you have left to yourself, and let's face it, those hours aren't enough to gently nurture a budding but delicate relationship. Cons: Too fake, too fratty, too status-oriented, seems to put girls into two buckets: marriage material and date rape territory. Typically feel they have something to prove, like to throw money around. Thinks that traders (rather than bankers) are masters of the universe. ) Most importantly: when he has a bad day, it's a the day here.You need to be strategic about how you use that time, so you need to find people (or a person) who can do the same. Keeps comparing his best month's earnings to your average month; sometimes "forgets" to add in your bonus. They understand the transaction right out of the gate, they're fun as hell, they don't care about their reputations, they don't work (much) from home, they're usually available, and they're comfortable going 0 to 60 in twenty minutes if that's the order of the day.I think he feels good about his decision, which is obviously the single most important thing.

Part of me wanted him to go out and try something new and get away from the banking routine, but the other part of me is really happy he's staying because we both have got our system figured out with his banking job. He is up for promotion at the beginning of the year and we will cross our fingers for the bonus he's worked his ass off for.

I read the comments on the blog and I truly truly understand your pain. I hope that my story can help you and reassure you that you're not alone.

It is real pain for all of us, and very few people can relate and understand these kinds of relationships. I love mine, and I chose to stay with him even with all the shit banking brings. Not every day is bad, but not every day is good either.

Example: H hates it when I close doors in the apartment, he prefers doors to stay open.

I need all little lights from chargers/computers to be off before I can sleep.

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