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Posteriormente, a emissora anunciou que Jamey Sheridan, Navid Negahban, Amir Arison e Brianna Brown haviam se juntado a série como recorrentes.Sheridan como o Vice-presidente dos Estados Unidos, Negahban como Abu Nazir, Arison como o Príncipe Farid Bin Abbud e Brown como Lynne Reed.

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Junto com o anúncio da encomenda da série, também foi anunciado que Chip Johannessen se juntaria a série como produtor, enquanto Michael Cuesta, diretor do piloto, também serviria como produtor executivo.To ensure these scenes would not be censored, Eno submitted a "clean" version for publisher approval late, knowing they would require him to hand deliver the game to the manufacturer.On his way to the manufacturer, he switched the clean version with his master version containing the more disturbing content.The player controls Laura through computer generated full motion video (FMV) sequences, and must complete the game within two hours without a save or pause function.Development lasted about one year and was primarily done with Amiga 4000 computers to create the FMVs.Os anúncios em relação ao elenco começaram em novembro de 2010, com Claire Danes sendo a primeira contratada.

Danes interpreta Carrie Mathison, "uma oficial da CIA batalhando seus próprios dêmonios psicológicos".

It would be the first major release for the still-unknown Eno and WARP, and so Eno felt that if it were not successful he would quit from game development.

He added scenes of violence and cannibalism to make the game more striking, however he believed the content would be too extreme for censors or publishers and feared the game would not be permitted for publishing.

is a horror themed interactive movie and adventure game developed by WARP and directed by Kenji Eno.

It is the first entry in the D series and was first published by Panasonic for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1995, later being ported to the Sega Saturn, Play Station, and MS-DOS.

Plenty of us have been waiting to find that out for years. makes a good case for retaining an air of mystery despite the trend to do the opposite (Pride) The Rules Girls are back with the dating bible for the modern, digital age.