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Dating air force pilot

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BALDASARO: Then you’ll head to Manitoba for your primary flight training where you’ll train on sophisticated aircraft like this Grobe.That’s followed by basic and advanced flight training in Saskatchewan or Manitoba for a total of about 8 months on various modern aircraft.

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I fly our Sea King helicopter in support of maritime operations along Canada’s coastline and on tactical missions overseas. For example, the Sea King doesn’t even have an auto-pilot.JANJUA: The missions of Canada’s military pilots are as varied as the airframes we fly.The Air Force provides a myriad of support to the rest of the Canadian Forces.BALDASARO: I chose pilot because it’s definitely one of the most fun jobs in the world.JANJUA: You know, it’s very difficult not to enjoy flying 300 hours a year in a $30 million aircraft at one and a half times the speed of sound.BALDASARO: The flying I’ve done in Afghanistan is certainly the most exciting and most fun that I’ve done so far. When you’re low level, you need to have a heightened awareness, the whole crew needs to be on their game and you really appreciate the training that you’ve done up to that point when you’re actually in the situation.

CURTIS: Every single flight provides a great deal of fun just in the freedom and the experience of flying and that is felt nowhere as greatly as when we’re actually deployed on operations in support of Canadian Forces.

JANJUA: Not everyone will start out in the cockpit of a fighter jet, but everyone who earns his or her wings shares the same pride.

It is awesome to fly a piece of equipment like this every day and you count yourself as one of the fortunate few people who get to do this.

BALDASARO: As a pilot, every day you fly is a good day, whether it’s re-supplying our Canadian Forces station Alert near the North Pole, on maritime patrol in an Aurora or making the long haul to Kandahar with a new rotation of fighting forces.

I’ve been really lucky in my Hercules career in that I’ve flown the search and rescue role, the air-to-air refuelling role and now the tactical role. We bring what they need, where they need it and the time they need it at.

It can be tactical airlift with a Hercules aircraft.