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Dating a sissy

Dating a sissy-53

Of course they play and kiss all the while, I stand in 5 inch heels and do sissy chores, washing breakfast dishes.

It's now am and the time I was instructed to wake them up. It runs a tad long as I want it to really set things up for Chantel's future, not just some sissy maid for her now Mistress wife, as cool as that can be, but to develop a more varied sissy, crossdressing, maid and slut story. ***** Chapter Four: Moving on to reinforcing my new lifestyle Saturday morning, I was hoping I could just take it easy, maybe be given some time to deal with the changes in my life and my new relations with my now Mistress wife, but no, I have to get up early enough to shower, shave, do my make up and get into a maids dress, again.As I'm doing this I can't help but think that my wife has a man in her bedroom, a man who made love to her last night and where I watched it happen.They both enjoy playing and tormenting sissy me for a while on Saturday. Alan later leaves and it looks like they will date again.Helen moves on to telling me her plans for this Saturday night.Helen has the ladies arriving after pm and the first to come are Jenny and Linda. Linda seeing me as a sissy maid, knowing I will be dressed as such was totally exciting for her.

She compliments Helen for the quick grooming and refining me as her sissy maid.

Though it helps for her to have a real man as her new lover now.

Other than Jenny the other ladies coming over have yet to see me, Linda from work and Helen invites three neighbour wives, Jill, Alice and Nattily our three next closest neighbours.

I carefully and daintily walk to his side of the bed and place the tray in front of him.

He is so enjoying the humiliation I feel as Helen's sissy husband.

By am I have two plates ready, bacon, eggs over easy, toast coffee and orange juice.