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Dating 49735

Dating 49735-62

Barrels are 28" Long with an overall length of 44". Genuine United States Gold Certificates are very rare and hard to obtain in any condition.

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*Online bidding will close at am 13% buyers fee will be added to each invoice. The American bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo or simply buffalo, is a North American species of bison that once roamed the grasslands of North America in massive herds. **We cannot ship this item, please contact our third party shipper, Len Werner, at Westside Mail Center for a shipping quote before placing a bid if you will require shipping and cannot pick it up in person. Tag Words: Intdes, hunting, lodge, cabin, man cave, safari, big game, sportsman, zoo ZB9597 MKL 1a - Gun TNW Aero Survival Rifle Semi Automatic in 9mm TNW Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) Semi Automatic in 9mm (CUL).It has all of the bells and whistles you will find in any casino.This colorful slot machine was manufactured in 1990 and is 20” x 46” x 18.5”.Firearm is in nice condition that grades at 75% with some light pitting on outside of the barrels. Original, Factory Blue and wood is solid with no visible cracks.A great hunting shotgun or also a great investment as this is a very sought after Shotgun that is no longer made. Serial Number NVSNF0534 Double Barrel Shotgun ZC103 DT. A beautiful 1928 Gold Certificate $20 Note in great condition and should grade very close to Almost Uncirculated 58. Features Portrait of Andrew Jackson and has a Gold Seal (Yellow).We have the expertise required to get your vehicle running like new again.

Off-Road Vehicle Repairs An off-road vehicle (also known as an off-highway vehicle) is a vehicle capable of driving on and off paved roads.

GENERAL SERVICES Whether you have a car that's been sitting a little too long or a fleet that needs a basic check, Alpine Auto Repair in the Gaylord, MI 49735 area can get your vehicle back on the road quickly, and we work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best repair job at a competitive price.

To schedule an appointment or find out more about what we can do for your vehicle, contact us at 989-732-8308.

Our expert auto repair services include: Domestic General Repair No matter how carefully you drive, your domestic car will need occasional general repairs.

These general repairs may include engine diagnostics and repairs, alignments, brakes, front end and rear end diagnostic services and electronics service and repair.

The slot machine turns on but returns the coin when inserted.