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Dan abrams currently dating

From The Jane Dough: More coverage on today’s landmark Supreme Court ruling. Writes The Jane Dough, ” For those who are struggling to pay health care costs, this legislation is a huge deal — there are implications for everyone here, obviously.

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Bream correctly noted that Chief Justice Roberts had declared the mandate cannot be sustained under commerce law, but incorrectly added that this meant the mandate ‘is gone.’ Fortunately for the team, Megyn Kelly caught the mistake within the minute based on conflicting information she was reading on SCOTUSBlog, a site devoted to covering the Supreme Court.Beyond the legislation itself, the debate over women and birth control emerged as one of the ugliest political chapters for us in recent memory.And it revealed that many of the anti-women sentiments we sensed boiling under the surface were still, in fact, real.” Read more here.(For the record, no one has confirmed that it’s actually real, but judging by the price we’re guessing it is).At only $17k, this furry baby is a bargain compared to the last backpack the ‘Trollsen Twins’ designed.Reports Gossip Cop, ” On Thursday, the reality clan’s youngest stars, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, revealed they’re writing a young adult novel.

The sisters tell EOnline they’re working with author Maya Sloane on a science-fiction book set 200 years in the future, and are hoping to create a popular series in the same vein as .

She also called for the network’s incorrect lower third to be updated.” Awkward.

Read the full coverage of this and more about today’s health care opinion here.

From Styleite: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have a new project: a backpack.

The bag, designed for their fashion line The Row, is patchwork fur, and will cost $16,900.

And it’s impossible to talk about the SCOTUS ruling today without reflecting how, in the weeks leading up to this decision, our place in the “Obamacare” debate has dominated the conversation — in alarming ways.