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Cntact nombers for sexchat

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However, I personally don't find the number empowering.

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And, it definitely has no bearing on me as a person.Maybe you can count all of your sexual partners on one hand, maybe you lost count years ago — or maybe, you fall somewhere in the middle.But no matter, that number can often inform how you feel about sex.Even so, I still keep track (even at one point, writing down the full list in a notebook — which I have since lost), and hold it as something important for me to know." "My number has no significant meaning for me.My self-confidence has never depended on how sexually active I was, I think because sex to me was never about desirability.Although I think with most people (excluding maybe my parents or my boss or something) I would feel no discomfort giving that information away.

I do feel a certain pride or sense of accomplishment at my number.

It can be a statement of commitment or a totally no-strings-attached adventure.

That wealth and range of experience and feeling is a tremendous thing.

I don't find my number empowering, in fact, I kind of hate it.

I can never shake the feeling that I'm not getting enough experience because I'm consistently in a "serious relationship." I've always had fewer partners than others — that's not what bugs me.

I was never very interested in sex and thought it was something that I was fine living without truly experiencing.