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Christian dating guidelines for teenagers

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We need to equip our children to discern who’s really a believer.Jesus said you can know a tree by its fruit (Luke -45). A person’s speech and actions need to be consistent with their profession of faith.

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A guy or girl will often say anything to woo a love interest.But, I do think it means they don’t make out with him or her.Encourage your kids to keep the physical contact to a minimum and to avoid arousing sexual desire.But, having served several years in youth ministry, and having raised two sons, I have learned a few things – though admittedly, often by trial and error.My husband and I still have a daughter at home, so this is an area where we’re continuing to learn.Some of you have commented that you’d like some direction in this area.

I certainly don’t consider myself an expert on this topic.

For most non-Christians, dating doesn’t have to accompany sex, but sex almost always accompanies dating.

Studies show that 71% of 19-year-olds have had sex. However, even dating those who profess faith in Christ can be problematic.

In 1 Timothy 5, Paul instructs young Timothy to treat “younger women as sisters, in all purity.” I have two sons who are 7 and 10 years older than their baby sister.

They adore our daughter and she adores them – and they would do anything to protect her.

Also, I think the spiritual health of your children’s friends and suitors play a factor in these decisions.