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Lembras esa cafeteira en perfecto estado que esmorece nun armario da túa casa? Soñas con renovar a túa mesiña de noite cunha lámpada resultona e eficiente? Tes grandes proxectos para este curso e precisas accesorios deportivos? Esta matrícula é gratuita para os socios e socias que estean ao día no pago das cotas, para o resto custa 10 €. Monitora: Galensigna 11.- PANDEIRETA E CANTO Venres de a 19h (Nível I), de a horas (Nivel II), de a horas (Nível III) – 28 €/ mes.

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He told Coulibaly he was there to protect him and his family and that a special police force would be along soon.

One of Coulibaly's children filmed the scene, the video landed on Facebook, and moments later he was the laughing stock of the nation's internet-users.

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