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Nobody is more surprised than a man when, after years of corporal neglect, nemesis strikes in the form of heart disease or lung cancer, but even then he manages to detach himself from the problem and assumes that in two cuts of the surgeon’s scalpel he will be as right as two ticks.Men reason that it is someone else’s job to make them well enough to go on doing the things that will probably land them in intensive care again. Men are the most assiduous of dieters and forswearers of booze – for a time.

For many of us, the holiday season is a time to reflect on another year gone by and a new one dawning.They will make no end of a fuss over a slight case of sniffles, taking to their bed with Lemsip, boxes of man-sized Kleenex and thrice-daily changes of pajamas.But they will ignore the searing pain along the arm which threatens a heart attack; or the smoker’s cough that sounds like the death-knell itself.A Well Men’s Health Clinic, to be set up in Brent, north London, next month as one of the first of its type, is going to have its work cut out.As Colin Nolder, the deputy community administrator for Brent, put it: ‘Men just don’t seem to be interested in their own health care’. Men are about as fascinated by the concept of their own health care as they are by embroidering a handkerchief.Let’s hope that the new year brings greater unity, understanding, and civility.

At the very least, all of us at P&P look forward to further strengthening the bonds of friendship and community we experience daily with so many of you.

At P&P, our thoughts turn gratefully to all of you.

We feel very fortunate to be part of a community of readers and engaged citizens who rely on books and authors to help make sense of the world and find comfort, guidance, and deeper meaning in our lives.

We see P&P playing a particularly needed role in promoting respectful dialogue and more informed discussion of the ideas of the day.

To this end, in addition to our regular programming of author talks, literary classes, and trips, we launched a series of teach-ins in 2017 on topics of pressing concern and anticipate holding more such gatherings in 2018.

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