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Catrice liquid liner dating joe black

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Moreover, to achieve the ideal shape, keep the liner thin near the inner corners.

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Then draw again from middle to inner corner of your eyes.Greetings everyone, Liquid liner definitely adds an oomph factor to your makeup looks.It is perfect for those who are on the lookout for intense pigmentation with a dramatic look.However, applying liquid liner can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a beginner in this field.But, it is definitely not impossible to work with liquid eyeliners. Hence, just because you are new to the book of applying liquid eyeliner, you don’t have to stop yourself from practising it.Needless to say, it is also perfect to make your eyes look subtle.

The correct application of liquid eyeliner can make your lashes look fuller.

From where the line is extended, take your flick there and start the process.

While creating a wing, do not pull the skin around your eyes.

When you stretch the skin and draw the eyeliner, it seems to be all fine, but it is not.

As soon as you stop stretching your skin, the eyeliner becomes a mess. Instead, just close your eyes lightly and draw the line.

Thus, to prevent the mess, try to tilt your head backwards.