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Carbon dating level chemistry

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Observation: It is interesting to note that Ni Cd has the shortest charge time, delivers the highest load current and offers the lowest overall cost-per-cycle, but has the most demanding maintenance requirements.

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We scrutinize the batteries not only in terms of energy density but also longevity, load characteristics, maintenance requirements, self-discharge and operational costs.Unfortunately, these super-high capacity Li‑ion batteries are deemed unsafe in the hands of the public and the high price puts them out of reach of the commercial market.In this article we look at the advantages and limitations of the commercial battery.Batteries with higher energy densities and less toxic metals are causing a diversion from Ni Cd to newer technologies.Fast and simple charge — even after prolonged storage.A third battery may provide all the desirable attributes, but the price would be too high for commercial use.

Battery manufacturers are well aware of customer needs and have responded by offering packs that best suit the specific applications.

In comparison, a cylindrical Ni MH offers energy densities of 80Wh/kg and higher.

Still, the cycle count of this battery is moderate to low.

Lead Acid — most economical for larger power applications where weight is of little concern.

The lead acid battery is the preferred choice for hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

In fact, the Ni Cd is the only battery type that performs well under rigorous working conditions.