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I looked at her pussy lips and they were all puffy, swelled up and bruised looking.Mag would not let me get near her pussy all weekend. Bonnie said this is how I let Jake fuck me so my knees don’t get sore.

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She had her ass up in the air as I looked at her big fat puffy cunt. I slipped my cock into her big pussy and fucked her as she ate Maggie. Bonnie loved her ass played with and told me to put my cock in her ass. I asked if Jakes cock fit into her and again I got no answer just a moan. I asked if it took a while to get used to Jakes cock and she gave me the I’m not going to answer that moan.

I walked over to the stall that THEY HAD SET UP TO FUCK JAKE. I protested the best I could and said but, but, but what about Bonnie. I did not have to move in her as her ass milked the cum from my cock. Maggie and Bonnie both said so you saw everything and came back latter on. I could not believe how tight and hot a horse cunt could be. I filled the mare’s cunt with cum and pulled out of her.

I asked what the hay was for and why was there blankets on it like that. I then ask why were there hoof prints like that on it. I walked over to the mare in heat and she was winking her pussy and pissing. Mag said I know you would love to have both of us suck you off. Bonnie led me over to Maggie and I saw that her cunt was so swollen and puffy. Maggie started to cry and sob that she was sorry for not telling the truth. Maggie was on her back and had Jake in her so fast. Then again if my woman could fit Jakes cock in her, the mini horse would have a small cunt for a horse. Maggie was on her knees and Bonnie was standing in front of her. Her pussy was still winking so I lubed up my hand and shoved it in the mare’s cunt.

The thought of her fucking Jake the stud horse flooded my mind. Maggie and Bennie’s cars were in the driveway. I found a peek hole that I could look into and there was Bonnie on her back on a bale of hay with Jakes hard cock filling her cunt.

I was to go see Maggie the next weekend and help her with a project. I finished my contract on Wednesday so I thought I’d surprise Maggie and go see her early. Bonnie had her fingers in Maggie’s cunt and was thumbing her clit.

My cock was so hard and ready to explode as I rubbed it.